Dialpad, Covid-19, and the Future of work

TL:DR: On March 9th, Craig Walker announced that his company Dialpad would let companies use their professional products including DialpadTalk and Uberconference for free. This is huge. It is shocking how many medium-sized businesses still leverage legacy PBX systems and can’t enable a mobile-workforce. Digital Transformation still has a long way to go, and it’s great to see companies like Dialpad leading the way.

While technically Dialpad could be considers a communications company, they definitely are something more. The organization, found by Craig Walker (Creator of Grand Central – which was acquired by Google and eventually became Google Voice) is disrupting the telecom landscape- and that is a good thing.

Dialpad is an evolution on the companies first premise – UberConference that used WebRTC protocol that evolved on the rigidity of legacy phone systems and has the ability to completely circumvent the PSTN. Today, Dialpad is a fully featured suite of communications solutions that allow businesses incredible scale and analytics. These services include:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Real-Time Coaching

Covid-19, Pandemics, and the future of work from home

Work From Home (WFH) conceptually has many benefits. Studies have shown that the majority of employees that work from home are as productive as office workers. Additionally, WFH employees tend to be happier and live healthier lifestyles. These benefits include:

5 Working from home benefits

  • Creativity: From music to lighting and artwork. Home offices offer a level of comfort that helps accelerate other areas of productivity
  • Schedule: Time saved from commutes can save office workers 10-15% of their day. This time can be used in other areas including, cleaning, studying, fitness, or additional work.
  • Distractions: Watercooler talk can be productive, it can also be a huge time sync for employees. Companies can still encourage interaction with collaboration tools, but the distractions drop dramatically.
  • Saves Money: Eating meals at home has many benefits from health to cost savings. Other areas that you can save include avoiding that starbucks line or buying that soft drink from the vending machine.
  • The Environment: From cooling large offices with wide open spaces, to sitting in a gas-powered vehicle for 2+ hours a day, working from home is definitely the greener choice for society